GIS KL Dragons Sports Teams

ISAC Football Finals – U18/U15 Girls


U15’s –

The U15 girls were very unlucky to lose 3-0 to a physically stronger ISKL team of mainly older girls. Mr. Ruscoe assisted Miss. Wen Xi brilliantly and rallied the girls round to overcome Alice Smith 2-1 in a gripping play-off to finish 3rd. A great achievement that was testament to the girls desire to overcome the opposition and build on the great work of previous games. Georgina Perry was outstanding throughout and it was poetic that she would score the winner. Faye Tobin, Zoe Wilson and Tara Kanayalal were also commended for their efforts and determination. A brilliant result- well done girls.

U18’s –

The senior team stepped things up massively from the previous two weeks and had clearly taken onboard things we’ve been working on in training and steely words of advice about changing their mindset. Alice Smith couldn’t find a way through the defensive line and Isabel Bien cooly slotted home with the only goal in a semi final that saw Tasha Jayabalan miss from close range, Molly Smith hit the bar and have a glancing header cleared off the line. A great win that was fully deserved and attributable to unrelenting hard work from all the girls. A turn around from the group results, which GIS had lost 2-1 and 4-1 in consecutive meetings respectively.

The girls were buzzing and went into half time of the final with a 2-0 lead over ISKL Varsity who hadn’t found themselves trailing at such a point throughout the tournament. The girls knew ISKL would come out fighting and surely they did. They counter attacked quickly and switched play brilliantly to win 5-2. The girls ran out of steam but for 60 out of 80 minutes hadn’t conceded a goal and were the best team at Equine Park. Quite a comeback from the 9-1 drubbing of week one, game one. All girls deserve huge congratulations for their efforts and achievements.

Photos from the finals day can be found in the media section above or by clicking on the following link: ISAC Girls Final Pics

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