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U18 Girls Basketball – Narrowly lose ISAC Final

Already losing to Alice Smith by one basket, and beating them by seven, we knew this would be a close match. After a day of studying hard, we met in the gym where we had jelly beans and inspirational chats. The nerves got to us a little. This was the finals. This was the first time garden could ever get gold in U18’s girls basketball.

We left the gym to find Alice already warming up. We did three laps of half the court and then our usual warm up of shooting and layups. Starting five: Molly, Molly, Chok, Tan Tan and Sonia. It was an intense first quarter, they were leading, and then we would lead. It ended by them having one basket ahead. The second quarter wasn’t as great. We had made a few subs and people started to lose spirit as Alice gained more and more points. Alice knew how to break our score-press, which was a risky press, but if successful gave us easy points. We sat back in a 3-2 zone for the rest of the quarter. By the end of the quarter we were down 10 points. We fought so much harder, we wanted our name on the plaque.

We caught up during the third quarter and by the fourth it was neck and neck. It was one eighth of a second left and we were down one point. This was intense. The ball was given to Tasha to inbound in. Everything slowed down. Just as she was about to pass it in, there was a foul on Molly S. The Alice Smith girl had grabbed her shirt. Alice Smith were on team fouls now. This means Molly gets two free throws even though she wasn’t shooting. She missed her first. And got the second shot in. We were tying now.  Time for overtime. This was a tough extra five minutes. People were getting cramps and everyone was tired. Sadly, Alice Smith won due to some amazing shots. We got silver!

Which is a fantastic achievement. It was our goal at the start of the year and we reached that goal. That was the best game I had seen Alice Smith play. They knew how to break our play and did it extremely well. In all honesty, they worked so hard, they deserved to win it as much as us. I am so proud of my team though. Our best game this season I reckon. The fighting, the commitment. We really wanted to win. We have come so far since the start of the year, bonded so much. We are losing a couple of the girls this year. I was really happy I got to play with them, such a privilege, such fun. Next year, we can work a bit harder, get gold. OK, bring on SEASAC.

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