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SEASAC Rugby 2013

SEASAC Rugby 2012

A lacklustre first day saw the boys Dragons rugby team play patches of good rugby alongside woeful rugby. While they were by no means disgraced a lost 4 record wasn’t expected. Back at the team hotel there was much soul searching but the question was, which team would turn up on the second day. Thankfully it was a team which put into practice what they had learnt in training and added what was sadly missing in the first day –  heart.

The team led by Freddy Gordan dominated a NIST team from the outset and an easy win followed. This left the team playing for the Plate against last years opponents BISJ. Any nerves that coach Mr Wellings had quickly dissipated as GIS came out all guns blazing with Tom Booton smashing up the midfield and Sean Muirhead showing just too much gas. Freddy Gordan as captain harrassed the opposition scrum-half while Alex Hodson is quickly gaining a reputation as an out and out pest on the rugby pitch. BISJ had no answer and the plate final was settled 4 tries to zero.

With over 16 players in the U15 squad and a number of the current team staying in sixth form next year. The future is bright.

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