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SEASAC Boys Basketball

This years U18 Boys Basketball Team went to SEASAC with a previous three year record of played lots, lost lots, won one.  This year was different.  In the competition they won three games and lost the bowl competition by 1 point.  Yes Shaun, I agree it was a foul on your layup to win the game but the referee said no!

Throughout the tournament there were some notable performances.  Robert Kelly on defence was the immovable object to the point where one team stopped even trying to dribble on his side of the key.  Zach Preston, who’s commitment and aggression on the rebound meant that that the smaller players went nowhere near him and he played an outstanding game against SIS with a double double performance scoring over 20+ and dominating the boards.

The MVP however went to Tom Ogden.  He handled the ball well, rebounded and passed with confidence but it was his shooting that made him the standout performer.  His 12 – 15 foot shot was a thorn in the side of every team he played and each coach commented on what a player he was after each game.  Superb performance.

Anthony competed in the dunk competition.  He narrowly missed out on the winners trophy with a top display of power dunking.  The tournament was one by someone who did a 360 before slamming it home.  Not a lot you can do against that!

The Three Point Competition was entered by Jodie and Shaun who both did well considering they don’t get to practice three pointers as I have banned that shot from training!  Jodie got a creditable score but Shaun was leading up until the last couple of rounds.  If he won it I would have changed my policy……sorry boys, still no 3 pointers I’m afraid!

Of the games that were lost,  two games were lost by 1 point, one game by 3 and one by 4.  This year they proved that they are a good basketball team with the ability to score at will and close opponents down.  Next season, with more or less the same group of boys the team will finally reap the rewards they deserve and come home with some silverware.

It has been a pleasure coaching these boys and know that next year will be their season.  Well done to all.

Coach N.

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