GIS KL Dragons Sports Teams

ISAC Boys Softball – Round 1

Saturday 23rd February saw the defending champions compete in the first round of the ISAC Senior Softball competition. With a depleted side and only just managing to scrape 10 players together due to other events, we took to the field to play against a much improved MKIS. Despite the gap in age and a little bit of talent, our boys fought to the bitter end and ended up losing 3 – 11. Not a bad scoreline. Special mention to Bharat who pitched for the first time in competitive softball, a big step up, which, he managed really well.

Our second game saw us playing against ISKL JV, a young team who on the day were similar to us in ability, luckily we bought a couple of our big guns and with a bit of experience, some great base running and a bit of sneakiness we got ahead in the final innings, eventually winning 5 – 3.

Next up the girls! ISKL Varsity girls team. A team that, while experienced, shouldn’t have come anywhere near our team however a series of horrendous errors and some simply terrible play saw us 1 – 8 down at the end of the 1st innings. A stern talking to and a switch of pitcher saw us battle through and command the game. Not the ideal performance but it was good to battle through, showing some metal and shut them out until the end of the 7th innings. Final score 12 – 8 GIS.

With a blend of experience, youth and inexperience we came through the day with a 2 – 1 record and we’re still in the hunt for a final berth come 9th March.

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