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FOBISIA Gymnastics – Girls

Last Friday, the 29th November 9 girls from Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 bravely competed in the first ever FOBISIA Gymnastics Competition at Shrewsbury School in Bangkok.

The Team

Ellie Bond, Penny Bond, Niahm Carnegie,Tara Parkin, Maya Gan, Arika Okubo, Emma Ong, Catalina Sepulveda, Konoka Uematsu, Rui Wen Lim, Alyssa Zetta Mahlil

These girls joined the Gymnastics CCA at the beginning of term 1 and took the opportunity to compete at Recreational Level 1 against gymnasts from schools all over the region. As well as practising with rest of the members of the CCA, they committed to extra training sessions for 2 weekends and were able to learn the routines for the floor, bars, vault and beam at very short notice. For most of them their first experience of using the asymmetric bars was only 2 weeks before the competition!

All the girls showed resilience and determination to perform brilliantly. Special mention should go to Maya Gan who 2nd on the Floor and 5th in the overall competition.

Fobisia Gym Nov 13

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