GIS KL Dragons Sports Teams

FOBISIA Gymnastics – Boys

On Sunday 1st December three boys competed in the first ever FOBISIA Gymnastics Competition at Shrewsbury School, Bangkok. This was also the first time GIS had entered a gymnastics competition and the first time any of the boys had competed.
The team consisted of Alexander Bouw (Year 1), Ewan Cornfoot (Year 2) and Marcus Gan (Year 4).
An unfortunate injury in warm-up meant that Marcus could not compete but he was a credit to the team during training and with his support for his team mates. It was a just reward that he picked up a Bronze Medal alongside Alexander and Ewan as the team finished 3rd overall.
Medals were also bagged in individual events as Ewan returned home with a Silver on the Horizontal Bar and Bronze on the Parallel Bars. Alexander, one of the youngest competitors on the day, won a 4th place ribbon on the Pommel and a 5th place ribbon on the Rings.
Congratulations to all three boys for their commitment, determination and confidence. They clearly enjoyed the experience and represented the school immaculately.

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