GIS KL Dragons Sports Teams

U15 Fobisia – Girls Football

A superb performance from the girls that could not be seen by looking at the league table. After setting up a game plan of feeding magic feet Isobel and all girls knowing their roles the tournament got off to a flier. We beat the champions 4 -1 through great defending, brave goalkeeping, midfield battling and great finishing. Not a lucky victory we could not have asked for any more. We then played Harrow and our luck changed. The heart, bravery and talent did not change but the luck in front of goal did. We missed a penalty, lost our goalkeeper through injury and press ganged another into action, hit the crossbar and didn’t take the 5 chances we had in front of goal. However Harrow did take their chances and we lost 2 -1.
After the Harrow game we couldn’t buy a win. The girls couldn’t give any more, the game plan was the same, defend with bravery, create chances and take the opportunities to create a win. For the remaining games in the tournament the girls could do everything apart from score. The luck did not go our way with the crossbar being hit 2 more times and hitting the posts twice. The epitome of the lack of luck was losing to Alice Smith when we had 9 clear chances at goal and only scored 1. The goalkeeper kept getting the way!!
Overall the girls were excellent and can be very proud of their achievements. Bring on next season.

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