GIS KL Dragons Sports Teams

U15 FOBISIA – Swimming

In the recent 2012-2013 U15 Fobisia in Bangkok Patana School from November 28th – 30th, there were 34 athletes taking part in this annual competition. The competition was held over 4 days and our swimming squad were represented by the following:

Boys 1. Cian Goon,  2. Jigs Santos, 3. Howard Sim,  4. Riki Nakajima, 5. Bradley Lim, 6. Saw Yan Chang

Girls 1. Zoe Bowden,  2. Jasmine Khor,  3. Maya Parkin,  4. Nanami Katakura,  5. Abigail Wong,  6. Faye Tobin

The hot and sunny weather were great for swimming in the morning and all our swimmers put in a great 100% effort over the hard competition and we finished with 5 golds, 4 silvers and 3 bronze medals overall.

Of our many swimmers who participated in this competition, a few stood out winning many medals despite the stiff competition. They are Zoe Bowden, Howard Sim, Bradley Lim, Cian Goon and Riki Nakajima.

All in all it was a very successful outing for GIS emerging 2nd overall for the boys category and 5th for the girls category.

All swimmers should be given a pat on their back for the outstanding effort put in. Also a big thank you to parents who took time off to support the team in Bangkok. Their support is invaluable.

Zoe Bowden – 3 Gold

Cian Goon – 1 Silver

Howard Sim – 1 Gold,  1 Silver  1 Bronze

Bradley Lim – 1 Gold, 1 Silver,  Bronze

Boys Relay – 1 Silver,  1 Bronze

Total – 5 Gold,  4 Silver,  3 Bronze

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