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Primary Modern Biathlon

Record Numbers at Garden International School’s Primary Modern-Biathlon Team Relays Event

The second edition of Garden International School’s Modern Biathlon Team Relays event saw a record number of 208 children from KL’s largest international schools (Garden International School, The Alice Smith School, ISKL, ISP, AISM and BSKL) come together to take part in a fun filled morning of running and swimming relay races.

In the first of seven Under 9 boys 4 x 200m running heats, ‘Garden A’ (Kristian Anderson, Tara Parkin, Martina Ceccarelli and Oliver Cheng) set a blistering time of 2:20.22 to finish over 8 seconds ahead of second placed ‘ISKL A’ This was significantly quicker than last year’s fasest time of 2:33.8 also set by ‘Garden A.’ The ‘Garden C’ team of Ishaan Latke, Violet Garibaldi, Sophia Riley and Marcus Fravi recorded the third quickest time of the day in heat 4 of 2:31.57. ‘Garden A’ and ‘ISKL A’ went on to dominate again in the 2 x 25m freestyle swim with ‘Garden A’ clocking another new modern biathlon record in 1:19.20 with ISKL just behind in 1:20.42. This meant that ‘Garden A’ were overall winners with ‘ISKL A’ second and ‘AISM A’ in third.

In the Under 11 category, ‘Garden A’ narrowly edged out ‘Alice E’ after both teams finished the competition with three points. It was ‘Alice E’ who set a blistering pace in heat 6 of the 4 x 400m running relay, clocking the fastest time overall of 5:05.31. The Garden foursome of Edward Harvey, Arika Okubo, Carlotta Ceccarelli and Denis Eserman stopped the clock at 5:19.34 for second whilst the third quickest time of the day came from Garden E (Adam Carlstrom, Bella Korotcoff, Mrisa Wong and Dudley Bugeard) who ran 5:31.87 with Garden B (Thomas Simms, Lauren Jenkins, Yuina Takemori and Mahdee Islam) in fourth with 5:33.41. In the pool, ‘Garden A’ and ‘Alice E’ again clocked the fastest times but it was Garden A who set the pace this time in 2:46.28 ahead of Alice’s 2:48.44. With points tied, ‘Garden A’ claimed the title with the fastest swim time. Garden B claimed bronze as they finished third in the pool meaning third overall.

For a full report of this event, please go to our Primary PE Blog

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