GIS KL Dragons Sports Teams

U15 Fobisia – Athletics

2ND Overall? Team silver? Really GIS? In athletics? Are you sure?

You better believe it Athletics Team Silver GIS!!!!!!!

After a very solid performance in the pool on the morning of the first day the afternoon’s Athletics turned out to be the highlight of the tournament for GIS. GIS finished firmly in last place at Under 15 FOBISIA Athletics last year what a turnaround to finish second this year.

It was truly a team performance with a rain of medals coming from track and field, a string of gutsy performances lead to a GIS winning a total of 31 Individual medals on the day.

It did not get any Gustier than Zoe Wilson’s gold in the 800m trailing the whole way at times by 80-100m Zoe looked beaten coming down the back straight, however with 150m to go what a sea change! Not sure whether it was the realization that she was at her last FOBISIA in her last race or whether she had just performed her trade mark chunder on the run in, but from nowhere she clawed her way back and past the leader to win gold. This set the tone for GIS students to follow. Medals in the field flowed; JJ Grande was supreme in the throws as was Cian Goon, further medals in Discus, Javelin and High jump (Hugo) every podium presentation seemed to have a GIS student on it!

The Triple and Long jump yielded at total of 8 out of 8 medals with 4 of them gold. Fiona Lim (Gold and Silver) and Sahar Knight (Bronze x2) were outstanding in the Triple jump and long jump, however the star of the pit was  Armani who performed brilliantly in both Field and Track to finish with a massive medal haul of 5 medals.

GIS has never had a day like it at Under 15 FOBISIA everyone was buzzing with excitement a great way to finish the first day of competition this set the scene for other great performances in the events to follow.

Well done the Under 15 Athletics team!!!

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