GIS KL Dragons Sports Teams

U15 Fobisia – Boys Basketball

The Under 15 Boys basketball team went to Bangkok with the weight of expectation on their shoulders. With the majority of the squad forming the core of the team which won the U13 FOBISIA last year; confidence was high and a medal of some sort seemed a realist target.

From the outset it was clear that the shear physical presence of some teams was going to be an issue Tanglin Trust, Harrow and Patana all fielded players that can only be described as Man Mountains.

Our first game was against the giants from Tanglin Trust, the game was slow to begin, with each side sizing each other up, for the most part GIS matched them however we were constantly outdone by Tanglin’s rebound and height dominance in the key . The same seemed to be happening against Harrow in our second game however an inspired 2nd quarter lead by Cian Goon, JJ Granda, Jigs, Christian and Lucy gave GIS a 5 point lead at half-time. At this point we looked comfortable however the pressure of the lead told and we were only able to score 2 points

in the third quarter which cost us the game. Harrow would end up winning the tournament so the reality is GIS was competitive if not better for 3 of the 4 quarters against the best team on the day.

Next Patana; giants in basketball terms and literary Giants on the court; Regardless of size the fast break began to work for GIS and at one stage in the third quarter we lead by 9 points. Then the comeback by Patana they then lead by 9 points in the middle of the 4th quarter the game ebbed and flowed Cian Goon was outstanding lay-ups, fast break he was the complete player in this game. Then late in the 4th quarter the Garden comeback 10 seconds on the clock and GIS only trailed by 2 Cian was on the fast break pulled up on the three point line and shot – The ball lipped around the ring for a split second it looked all but in but just failed to drop. What a game!

What an atmosphere! The crowd were on the edge of their seats, the game of the tournament ended in the narrowest of defeats against the pre-tournament favourites.

Devastation cannot describe the feeling after the game – the next game against KLASS was a lost cause the players were down and exhausted from leaving everything on the court against Patana another day could have been a very different result.

Finally Jakarta a great way to finish the tournament GIS ran out easy victors and finished in fifth place. Overall a great learning experience and a great foundation for the forthcoming ISAC league and next year’s FOBISEA who knows what could happen? Just need to purchase some growth hormone for the GIS team!

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