GIS KL Dragons Sports Teams

This coming weekend – 24-26th January 2014

This weekend sees our teams competing in tournament ending SEASAC season 2 sports.
Our Girls Touch Rugby team will be in Yangon hoping to win Division 2, likewise our Boys Basketball team will be in Singapore also hoping to win Division 2.
Our Tennis teams will be competing in Division 1 in Singapore in addition to our Girls Basketball Team who are also Division 1.
Any team competing in Division 1 of SEASAC will be up against the big schools from Bangkok and Singapore such as Patana & UWC Dover. They will have their work cut out but they have been well prepared, training 3 times a week and should go into these tournaments with real confidence.
With season 2 sports coming to an end primary sports such as football and senior softball will now kick-in, this is in addition to U13 sports, which will continue as normal. Competition in primary trials has been high with the usual big turn-outs but the school is trying its best to maximise opportunity while at the same time prepare competitive teams for ISAC & FOBISIA tournaments. In addition to this season 3 SEASAC sports continue or start. These are badminton, swimming, softball & gymnastics.
The Dragons program has changed and the new schedule is posted in the drop down menu above.
Good luck to all our students competing this weekend.
Paul Wellington,                                                                                                                                   Athletics Director.

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