GIS KL Dragons Sports Teams

SEASAC Boys Basketball, Jan 2014, Div 2 – UWC East, Singapore

Unbeaten throughout the tournament GIS dominated the SEASAC Division 2 championship. It was a true team effort with everyone playing a vital role in their success. The players were highly motivated and hungry for success and their various rituals like squeeze and the Tom Ogden push around and Jody’s goggles on added to the camaraderie and the sense of being part of something special.

The never say die attitude is typified by Anthony Katakis who despite tearing his ACL in the last pool game zipped up his man suit and played a vital role both in the semi-final and final. The team was full of leaders who stepped up again and again. Zac Preston was a deserved MPV in the pool games with his athletic aggressive style dominating the fast break. Tom Ogden was superb and produced an amazing array of passes, shots and lay-up at crucial times. Everyone played there part and lead by the cool collected Soroush they looked like winners from the word go.

Congratulations Boys a great effort all-round and well deserved. Having won division 2 the team is automatically promoted to Division 1.

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