GIS KL Dragons Sports Teams

SEASAC Girls Basketball, Jan 2014, Div 1 – UWC Dover, Singapore

The senior girls basket ball team travelled to Singapore to compete in Division 1 SEASAC. Our first match was against Bangkok Patana, we went out and started the game with high intensity and ran out comfortable winners.
The next match was the Canadian international school who have been consistently 4th place for several years and we played great defense but our shots were just not dropping . Our final match was against the runners up last year and the overall winners this year, UWC Dover. We had no expectations and we went into this game trying some new things, it was a great experience to play against a strong team.  So we finished day one with one win and two losses.
An early start for day two with our first match against Tanglin, the reigning champions. This was another game for us to practice new things and we worked hard and Tanglin had to keep their starting 5 on for the majority of the game. Next was NIST who have normally been one of the top teams but the scores of their previous games prove not. Proving as always, luck was not on our side and they were a little bit more experienced than us. Final game of the day against RIS which was a must win game but our girls were exhausted and shooting was not on our side again. But we kept the scoreline close and as the final buzzer went, tears were shed.
But because we played extremely well against our other opponents, our points difference was enough to push us up into 5th place!!  The tournament went better than we expected and we have some fantastic memories from it.

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