GIS KL Dragons Sports Teams

True Visions Junior Golf Thailand 2014

It was an eventful 4 days for the Dragons golf team in Thailand, during the practice round(on 1st April) Shaun got hit on the head by his playing partner’s wayward ball. He was fine and fortunately could progress through his practice round.
The 1st day was another eventful day as Jack had unknowingly signed for a lower score thus was disqualified. He had a situation on the course and his marker was set off course by the referee and recorded the wrong score. He then went on and signed for the wrong score. It was a harsh lesson but fortunately he was allowed to complete the team event.

Nicholas finished the best player from GIS finishing in the championship draw in 16th pos(87,83 ,94).
Shaun finished in the consolation draw in 7th position (88, 94, 93).
Jack did not finish in the ranks as his 1st day score was removed (85, 88).

The Team came in 5th in the C Category(U13).

True Visions Golf

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