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ISKL Trick or Treat Swim Meet (Oct 4th 2014)

Swimming holds a number of different competitive opportunities. The BIG meet at the end of the training cycle. These are the focus point around which training is conducted.
The TRAINING meet, where swimmers use the meet to compliment their training and attempt to swim fast, without rest and often in heavy training.
Finally, there is the LEARNING meet. Where swimmers challenge themselves to race new events, understand the competition environment and find out what needs to be worked at back at training.
Saturday (4th October) was certainly the 3rd of those meets with swimmers racing in new events, against more challenging opposition in order to become stronger, fitter and faster when the big meet comes around.
The Dragons produced a phenomenal 88% PB rate during the meet, well over 75 new PB times from only a group of 25 swimmers, with every swimmer producing at least 1!
As a team, the swimmers supported their team mates to create an environment where every PB was celebrated for not just the time, but the performance! It is easy to get mixed up in the chase for medals (of which we won our fair share), forgetting that a PB shows improvement and development more than a medal, which is often based upon being a good age on the day.
I was extremely proud of the swimmers who listened carefully after their races to the  praise, but equally took on board where they can improve next time.
The relays produced some of the highlights in the pool with all teams securing top 4 finishes or better. The year 5 Girls shared duties with the Year 6 girls (Free and Medley Relays) both securing Silver Medals.

The Primary Dragons will now head back to training to work on the areas which were highlighted at the meet, ready to race again on 14th October again ISD. That meet will see swimmers compete in 200 Freestyle, a great challenge event which tests skills and speed equally.

The FAST swimming Dragons are FLYING!      Coach Rich MolloyPic for report

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