GIS KL Dragons Sports Teams

AISM Triathlon

The AISM is being held on Sunday the 9th November. If any GIS parents, staff or students wish to compete please complete the online registration form by following the link below:

AISM Triathlon Registration Form

Registration closes on Thursday 5th November

Age Swim Bike Run Start Time
Open Mixed (A+B) (Over 15 / Novice Parents) 300m 10km 3km 8.00am
Under 6 Boys (C) 25m 500m 300m 8.30am
Under 6 Girls (D) 25m 500m 300m 8.40am
Under 8 Boys (E) 50m 1km 500m 8.50am
Under 8 Girls (F) 50m 1km 500m 9.00am
Under 10 Boys (G) 100m 3km 1km 9.15am
Under 10 Girls (H) 100m 3km 1km 9.30am
Under 12 Boys (I) 150m 7km 2km 9.45am
Under 12 Girls (J) 150m 7km 2km 10.00am
Under 15 Mixed (K + L) 150m 7km 2km 10.20am

Cost – 40rm per entry

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