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How much do you want it?

Sport is a challenge at every stage. Nothing comes easy, nothing is given to you, nothing happens in the way you hope or expect. But one thing is for sure, getting through the hard times leads to the most wonderful occasions when success is achieved.

Here are some ways to realise how much you really want it:

Revisit your why.

When training is tough and sessions are challenging you to push harder than you ever have before,

When those moments of challenge pop up, think about your goals, what it will mean to achieve them, and perhaps most importantly because it is the most visceral part of the process, imagining how awesome it will feel accomplishing them.

Remember the struggle is part of the process.

The path of least resistance is the path of comfort. It’s where we expect things to be easy and to fall into place on their own. Where we depend on genetics and talent to get us where we want to go.

Success in the sport requires struggle, requires failure, it requires you getting comfortable being uncomfortable, and it requires you getting the upper hand on that voice telling you that the easier option is better for you.

You have the opportunity to do what others won’t.

When training is so tough that you fear that you won’t be able to do it, when you look at your team mates and see the worry in their eyes at the challenge that faces them, take heart in the fact that going beyond the norm is the path to greatness.

It’s rare that someone will be willing to go above and beyond consistently, so embrace the opportunities to do so when they arise.

Going above and beyond is what it means to be a Dragon, so embrace it and go that extra mile, every single day.

Coach Rich

Extra Mile

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