GIS KL Dragons Sports Teams

ISAC Swimming Championships 2014- Team Selection

ISAC Selection 2014

Location: Alice Smith

Date: 5th (Primary)& 6th December (Secondary)

Time: Morning (AM)

Below is the squad selected for ISAC Swimming Championships 2014. GIS Dragons squad is selcted based upon 3 criteria. 1) Times, 2) Ability to score points for the team, 3) Providing depth in weaker events.

It is with disappointment that I cannot select every swimmer from the Dragons squad, we have a specific number of entry alocations and we will endeavor to fill our whole team in the strongest way possible.

Finally, I have not posted the individual swims as I have a period over the next week to decide on the final swim line up.

Congratulations to those selected, important few weeks work to be ready for the big days. Let swim FAST Dragons!

Coach Rich

Primary Squad

Age 7-8 Girls

Kellyn Choong

Rio Fujita

Anna Lau

Li Wei Law

Caitlyn Lew-Tong

Reiya Luer

Ira Singh

Age 7-8 Boys

Matthew Hearn-Powers

Matthew Tang

Ray Kang

Kai Sato

Maxi Werner

Jason Chan

Age 9-10 Girls

Kokori Akimoto

Arika Okubo

Megan Jones

Lauren Jenkins

Danelle Ong

Li Yuan

Lianne Marti

Yasmin Desouza

Age 9-10 Boys

Kosei Higashi

Thomas Haveman

Shotaro Nakagami

Bernardo Scardigli

Kael Shawn

Oliver Cheng

Kristian Anderson

Yamato Obinata



Secondary Squad

Age 11-12 Girls

Farah Alyabdou

Caitlin Deck

Anjali Lim

Adira Yahya

Serena Lee

Mia O’Leary

Elliya Shawn

Evie Pickup

Age 11-12 Boys

Viktor Frantzen

Bryan Soo

Joshua Yong

Pranit Singh

Brandon Chin

Jun Ida

Sunny Chee

Age 13-14 Girls

Rachel Gibbons

Kotoko Ida

Vanessa Lee

Claudia Lim

Samantha Lim

Age 13-14 Boys

Jordan Chin

Jared Deck

Dean Knight

Adam Lau

Lee Han Liang

Max Luer

Ryan Ting

Age 15-18 Girls

Zoe Bowden

Chew Li Ann

Robyn Jenkins

Lyn Sze Ng

Katherine Yap

Yap Li Wen

Age 15-18 Boys

Eric Blackshaw

Chew Zhen Wei

Kevin Kim

Bradley Lim

Ewan Ooi

Howard Sim

GIS will also be showing off their new team kit at this event, watch out for the photos coming soon.

I love swimming

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