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U11 Boys ISAC Basketball

Boys U11 Basketball ISAC Review

Garden sent two boys teams to the ISAC competition this year after a mixed season in which many first time basketballers got to learn how to play the game.

The A team were drawn in a group with two B teams from KLASS and ISKL, MKIS and ISP.  They started well with a very convincing win over the KLASS B team by 26-2, a game in which Rohan scored 8 points, and Rishan and Carlo 6 apiece. The rebounding was effective which allowed GIS plenty of possession with which to attack.

In the second game against MKIS, the Dragons started well, going ahead 6-0 with scores from Rohan and Rishan (twice).  However the physical GIS defence was breached and unfortunately the point guards were a little too happy to give possession away when attacking, which led to sustained periods of defence for Garden. MKIS fought back well and eventually toppled the Dragons 10-8.

The third match was win or go home and the players were optimistic, having beaten ISP in a friendly earlier in the season. However, that must have been before ISP had worked out who their best ball-player was and how to protect him with screens! ISP played a tactically astute game, from which GIS can learn, and beat the Dragons 12-8, all but sinking ambitions of qualifying for the semi-finals.

Plucky GIS did beat KLASS B fairly comprehensively, by 16-4, but unfortunately their inability to beat another A team meant they had finished third in their group and out of contention.

The B team were drawn in a tougher group facing the A teams, from KLASS and ISKL, NEXUS and Mutiara – two unknown quantities. The first match against NEXUS gave a taste of what was to come, as the Dragons found it tough against skilled opposition, going down 22-8.

They were beaten again in their next game against Alice Smith, but they bounced back to beat Mutiara in a well-contested match by 8-4. Though buoyed by this performance, they were unable to overcome ISKL A in the final group match, coming in 28-12 and finishing fourth in their group.

The boys were understandably disappointed with their early exit, but should  feel proud of the vast improvement they made during the course of the season. The conducted themselves well all year and were a credit to the school, their families and themselves – exactly what we ask of Dragons! With several players eligible to play again next year and rumblings of a possible pre-season training before next season, GIS can look to the future with confidence.

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