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SEASAC Swimming Selection 2015

During the season so far GIS Dragons Swim Team have an unbeaten record in school dual meets and became Champions of ISAC Schools Swimming for the 4th year running, by a record score, 250 points over rivals Alice Smith School.

With FOBISIA Swimming and PRAKL Swimming Championships during January, we move towards our toughest team event of the year, SEASAC. This year it will be hosted by the Canadian International School, Hong Kong at the Sun Yat Sen Memorial Swimming Pool, Hong Kong from the 26th February to the 1st of March. Take a look at the fantastic fascility on their website below:

I am pleased to announce the team selected to represent GIS at this years SEASAC Swimming Championships in Hong Kong:

Under 12 Girls

Mia O’Leary/Caitlin Deck/Serena Lee/Arika Okubo/Lauren Jenkins

Under 12 Boys

Brandon Chin/Jun Ida/Pranit Singh/Kosei Higashi/Shotaro Nakagami

13/14 Girls

Samantha Lim/Rachel Gibbons/Vanessa Lee/Kotoko Ida/Anjali Lim

13/14 Boys

Jared Deck/Ryan Ting/Jordan Chin/Max Luer/Joshua Yong

15&Over Girls

Zoe Bowden/Katherine Yap/Lyn Sze Ng/Robyn Jenkins/Yap Li Wen

15&Over Boys

Chew Zhen Wei/Ewan Ooi/Bradley Lim/Kevin Kim/Howard Sim

Congratulations to all of those selected.

The selection for this meet allows 5 swimmers per age group who can swim 5 individuals each. The ability to score points for the team and contribute to relays is essential for helping the team continue to be successful.

If any of the above swimmers are unable to take part, please contact Coach Rich as a matter of urgency so we can replace you.

Once again Congratulations to those selected!ISAC winners 2

Coach Rich

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