GIS KL Dragons Sports Teams





Tuesday 3.30pm – 4.30pm – Field

Wednesday 2.30pm – 4.30pm – Field first hour and Car Park Court for batting and fitness (yes fitness)

Thursday 3.30pm – 4.30pm – Field

Training Squad of 15 to 20 players will be chosen after this weeks sessions. A further squad will be finalized after Thursday 12th February. For those of you who do not make it, do not be disheartened but use it as motivation to make it next year or to train harder for University.


 Thursday 12th Feb away to ISKL JV (Friendly)

 Thursday 26th Feb away to ISKL (ISAC)

 Friday 27th to Sunday 1st March – Invitational to Singapore

 Thursday 5th March home to KLASS (ISAC)

 Saturday 7th March ISAC Championships

 Tuesday 10th March away to MKIS (Friendly)

 Thursday 19th to Sunday 22nd March SEASAC Softball at BPS.

Singapore Invitational will be selected by Friday 6th February, you will need to sign up on-line and via the letter provided by the CCA office.

SEASAC SQUAD will be finalised following the Singapore trip.

Both Squads for the above will be 12 players.


Def.: “concentration refers to a persons ability to exert deliberate mental effort on what is most important in any given situation”.

Concentration contains four main settings, attentional focus, selective attention, awareness of the situation and shifting the attentional focus when needed or, in layman’s terms; being able to concentrate on the right things at the right time. This is very prevalent in softball.

Identifying cues in softball:

When the umpire calls “batter up” – clear mind, visualise shot, focus on nothing but the ball!

This process starts in the circle before you go up to bat.

When fielding it’s triple threat time (say it in your head). The leader of the in and out field calling the play – time to switch on!


Three main types:

Positive (Motivational) – I can, Hang in there, now (to kick start the body and mind)

Instructional – bend your knees; watch the ball

Negative – critical and self-demeaning, creates self-doubt.

Ironic processes!

If you say the following things to yourself IT WILL HAPPEN!

“Don’t miss it, don’t get struck out, don’t drop it, I hope it doesn’t come to me in the field, don’t hit it straight up in the air! Don’t choke.”

Focus on what to do as opposed to what not to do!

“Hit a line drive; make the pitcher pitch to my areas, swing through the ball, take the catch and wang it in.”

Use Metaphors – “strong like an ox, arms like an orang-utan, legs like a leopard, chop the tree down.”

Techniques for positive self talk

6 rules

1. Keep phrases short and specific

2. Use the first person and present tense

3. Construct positive phrases

4. Say your phrases with meaning and attention

5. Speak kindly to yourself

6. Repeat phrases often

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