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ISAC Badminton

A roaring success is one way to describe the ISAC Badminton tournament that happened on Saturday 7th March. With both division 1 teams placing 1st amongst 5 schools, it is great to see all the hard work and effort put into the game by both the players and the coaches reap its benefits. The day brought all sorts of surprises; the division 1 girls won all matches (3 singles, 2 doubles) against all participating schools to win with a total of 20 points (1game won= 1 point) for the 6th successive year; and the boys against all schools with a total of 15 points.

The most memorable games were those played by Lixuan Law (1st singles) who battled against a Tenby player to win 21-19 and Anthony Sim with Ean Lau (1st doubles) who had a phenomal recovery to win 22-20 against ISKL.

We also had our fair share of mishaps, the funniest being Amanda Tan tripping over Raashi Basu but winning 21-14 against ISKL. The division 2 girls placed 2nd and the boys placed 4th.

On behalf of the team, I would like to thank our coaches – Alvin and Mei for dedicating hours on end to make us all better players and a more cohesive team.

The following is a list of all players in division 1 who participated in the tournament: Anthony Sim (captain) &Ean Loong (1st doubles), Kirk Yung & Keith (2nd doubles), Cian Goon (1st singles), Yi Shuen (2nd singles), Yan Chang (3rd singles), Sai Kiran (reserve).

Amanda Tan & Raashi Basu (captain)(1st Doubles), Isabelle & Palak 2nd Doubles), Lixuan Law (1st singles), Mitsuyo (2nd singles), Suprita (3rd singles), Hana Patel (Reserve).

Raashi Basu

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