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SEASAC Basketball – Girls

This years SEASAC basketball was held at NIST in Bangkok. Our team was excited as this was probably the best team we’ve had so far. After our night preparation of nails, ribbons and singing, we started the tournament with our first game against last years runners up, Tanglin. We were hoping to put up a good score but morning jitters got the best of us. Our next game was against UWC Dover, the reigning champions, although we played some great basketball.

So after our two toughest matches, we went and played Patana. It was a great win for us and we finally proved ourselves as true contenders in the tournament. Our last game of the day was CDNIS and it was the closest match, and with the scoreline incredibly close with a minute to go, we knew that it could go either way and unfortunately it didn’t go in our favour, but we experienced what sport is all about. The loss, the heartbreak, but the fight back to the top. With tired bodies and aching legs, we took the loss especially hard but decided to relieve the pressure and just continue the tournament with open minds.

The next morning, we faced the home team, NIST. In our opinions, it was the best match a GIS basketball team has ever played as we took advantage of our fast breaks, remaining ever so patient in defence and maximising our strength as a team. The smiles and fighting spirit was back as it was the first time in GIS history that a basketball team beat NIST on their home turf!!!! With a remarkable 25-13 win against NIST we were ready to face the last game of the round-robin, newcomers UWC East. In what was probably one of the most roughest games of the tournament, GIS managed to win with a few injuries here and there. This meant that we finished 3rd in the league rounds! This meant a place in the 3rd and 4th playoff against, once again, the home school, NIST.

After an emotional speech from our coach Mr Springall, the girls were ready for their match the next morning. Knowing that no matter what, we had already made our coach of many years the proudest he’s ever been of a GIS girls basketball team making all of us proud to have been able to be part of such a special team. Unfortunately, the match didn’t go our way and NIST ended up as eventual winners of the 3rd and 4th playoff.

However, we were happy that our last match resulted in the best placing in GIS basketball history, with everlasting memories, bonds and connections to a very special team.

We’re so happy to leaving our legacy to the girls continuing on, and wish them all the best of luck in maintaining our newly consistent reputation.

Do us proud ladies!

Molly Smith and Tasha Jayabalan

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