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SEASAC Tennis – Boys

To kickstart this SEASAC we played ISY who were the hosts of the event. We displayed absolute dominance with a final score of 4-1. We conveyed a great start with our team captain(Kenn) and our senior players (Sean and Dhiraj) winning 8-0 in their opening matches. For our second match of the day, we played our fellow Malaysian school(Alice Smith). We showed dominance again by going on a win streak of 5-0. With our 2 doubles pairs getting 8-0 wins. After the Alice Smith win, we played our rivals MKIS. We went into this game with confidence as we were undefeated against them in all of our friendlies. We played great tennis against them but we got unlucky against them. We were disappointed but we knew we had a good record going into the second day.

We started the second day with a motivational talk from our team captain, Anson and Mr. Fernandes. Going into our matches against BISJ we were pumped with confidence and had no fear of our opponent. We had one of the clutches moments of the whole tournament as this would determine if we would make it into the semi’s. With that confidence, we took a close 3-2 victory. We were ecstatic over the victory but our focus was not faded for the next game against UWC East. Continuing our win streak we beat UWC 3-2.
Going into day 3, we had confidence as we had already beat our semi final opponent,BISJ. We believed that we could get to the finals. And we did! With a repeat of the day 2 victory we scored with the 3-2 victory again. As we went into the finals we had expected to face our rivals MKIS there as they had a similar win streak to ours. We all told ourselves we would leave everything we had on the court that they. Unfortunately, MKIS got the better of us with a dramatic 3-2 win over us. We were heartbroken. Nevertheless, we settled for 2nd place with a job well done from everyone in the team.
I couldn’t have asked for a better team. We bonded like a band of brothers and we had so much fun. I may have 2 more SEASAC’s to go but nobody can replace this team. To seniors Sean and Dhiraj, you two played amazing tennis. We promise to avenge the loss next year. To Mr Fernandes and Anson, thank you for the fun, the laughs and the inspirational speeches. This was an experience I won’t forget.
Ryan Chan

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