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Nutrition Blog: Coach Rich’s Favourite Snack

Make a difference this holiday…

With 2 weeks holiday coming up, I thought it would be great to offer parents and pupils the opportunity to start eating healthier.

eat better

I hear countless people say things like “it takes too long” or “its expensive” so I am going to prove you wrong.

Below is a recipe for wonderful banana pancakes. I made these from scratch in just 3 minutes! See if you can beat that! Healthy, wholesome, full of goodness and… THEY TASTE AMAZING!

For 1 serving:

1.5 ripe bananas

2 eggs (don’t add the shells, unless you want a little extra crunch)

½ tsp. vanilla extract

¼ tsp. baking powder

1/8 tsp. baking powder

  1. Mash the bananas
  2. Add everything else and mix…

Banana pancake batter

  1. Put 2 tablespoons of batter into a pan and cook both sides until light brown
  2. Add syrup and fruit and serve immediately

Banana pancake finished

Maple Syrup (optional)

Fresh Fruit (optional)

This Banana Pancake is a great option for breakfast or snack time or a healthy dessert, take your pick.

Coach Rich

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