GIS KL Dragons Sports Teams

Primary FOBISIA 2015

Primary FOBISIA leaves tomorrow for Shrewsbury School, Bangkok and the team will look to continue where the U13 team left off after an extremely successful championships earlier in the year! Lots of hard work has gone into all of the teams, hours of training sessions and now its time to let it all pay off!
Good luck to all the swimmers, footballers, T-ballers and Athletes. An amazing team event where every kick, throw, catch, volley, turn, stroke, jump, dive, hit and pass really does matters!
BUT please remember… its got to be FUN so enjoy it!
Message from Shrewsbury was that the temperature yesterday was scorching so take lots of fluids and ice packs to keep cool!
‪#‎LetsGoDragons‬ ‪#‎ATeamOfDragonsIsEvenBetterThan1‬‪#‎TakeYourDrinksAsBangkokIsBoilingRightNow‬ ‪#‎HaveFunPlayBetter‬

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