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Failure- An open letter from your coach

Dear Parents and Athletes,

I just got home from a very long and hard 1st Day of the UKCC Coach Developer course. I would like for all athletes to read what I have to say about this day:

  1.       Today was something completely new to me, I have been assigned the task to learn how to teach someone how to coach. This is hugely different to coaching someone.
  2.       I was completely out of my comfort zone for almost 10 hours straight which led to mental and physical exhaustion.
  3.       I “failed” numerous times and looked like a complete idiot on more than one occasion, experiencing personal embarrassment.
  4.       For the 1st time in my life I couldn’t do tasks assigned to me. I had “failed”!
  5.       At times I was frustrated and borderline angry with myself. I kept thinking how can someone who knows a skill so well struggle so much with an action that involves that skill, I mean come on I practice that skill every day.

Am I starting to sound familiar? I’m sure I sound like most of you at a competition when you played/raced “poorly” or after a bad practice! There was an instance today where I totally messed up and looked like a complete fool, I was at my lowest point. The Instructor asked to do the exercise again, I hesitated then took a deep breath and in my mind said well heck why not because I have nothing to lose and I sure as hell wasn’t going to give up or give in; “FAILURE” would not get the better of me. At the end of the day I went home with my head held high even though I couldn’t do every task but rather smiled, because today I had LEARNT. Today I learnt that you cannot “fail” because “failure” teaches you to learn. Knowledge and Learning is empowerment of oneself. “Failure” gives us knowledge and allows us the opportunity to learn thus “failure” allows us to empower ourselves with the tools to succeed in the future. Success is measured in different quantities and YOU and YOU alone have the choice of how you quantify success or failure.

I would like to end this email by asking the following: (Parents this is for you) Is it more important that we motivate and reward effort or is it more important to motivate and reward results? And tomorrow morning I welcome the challenge of doing it all over again because tomorrow I cannot “fail’ because tomorrow I can only LEARN.

Your Coach

Failure if you dont learn

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