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Primary FOBISIA 2015- Swimming

“remember that for success to be sustained, excellence must be expected in all areas, this is the first step on the ladder”

After a tough morning of jumping, running and throwing, mixed with an incredibly hot day, the Primary Dragons arrived at Shrewsbury International Schools Aquatics Centre, fresh from a nap on the bus, for the Swim Meet.

The swim meet always produces FAST swimming with the team environment bringing out best performances from many athletes. This year was no different! The GIS team were straight into the action with medals in all four 200m IM races courtesy of Lauren, Arika, Yamato and Kosei (all 4 producing big time improvements since their previous 200 IM races).

The team continued to push for medals in each event and during the Freestyle block of events Minseo (bronze), Kristian (Gold), Yasmin (Gold), Li Wei (Silver by just 0.11), Aris (Gold), Oliver (Silver), Lauren (Silver), Megan (Bronze), Bernardo (Gold) rounded out by Kosei narrowly missing a medal in 4th, GIS started to move into contention at the top of the leaderboard.

Backstroke appeared to offer the same rewards for GIS with more swimmers joining the action. Helena (a FOBISIA Dragon) produced a well paced race to secure 4th, before Kael (Silver), Martina (Silver), Yasmin (another Gold), Kristian (Bronze), Oliver (Gold), Bernardo (Silver-in an event he tells me he can’t do!), and Kosei (Gold) all produced medal winning performances.

Relays started brilliantly with Yasmin, Li Wei, Martina and QiQi joining forces to win a fantastic Year 5 Medley relay. The year 5 boys were unlucky to be DQ’ed after some fantastic swims to earn silver, undetered the swimmers in that team were to put up some big performances later in the event!

Butterfly was the next block event and GIS were sitting in 3rd place, looking to challenge for the top podium place but knowing we needed a big second half of the gala to do it.

QiQi Saw kicked it off with 4th before another solid run of medals from Kael (Silver), Martina (Gold), Li Wei (Bronze in a super fast race), Yamato (Gold), Lauren (another silver), Arika (Silver in another hugely competitive race) and Shotaro (Silver),

The final block of individuals was Breaststroke, an event GIS have had a lot of success on this year. FOBISIA Dragon Catalina produced a hugely impressive performance to seal Bronze. Marcus secured a solid 5th before the strength began to show with Martina (Silver), Li Wei (Gold by 5.5 seconds!), Aris (Gold by 5.2 seconds!), Yamato (Gold), Arika (Silver), Bernardo (Silver) and Shotaro (Bronze). A great run of results but still plenty of work to be done.

Relay results ran through as 3rd, 3rd, 6th, 6th, 3rd, 2nd, 3rd, 4th. A fantastic effort and the wait came for scores to be calculated…

After a nervous wait until the final dinner, the team continued the FOBISIA medal hunt with Tee-Ball and Football. Finally, the results were completed and GIS were awarded 2nd place, our best EVER Primary FOBISIA Swimming finish!

In individual events, GIS produced 35 medals and 40 PBs in 46 races. The relays were fiercely contested with the remaining FOBISIA squad members playing their part in a memorable afternoon. This time last year, GIS finished in 5th place, over 140 points behind the winners. This year we miss out on 1st place by only 12 points!

There is plenty of room for improvement however, and its important to remember that for success to be sustained, excellence must be expected in all areas, this is the first step on the ladder!

Primary FOBISIA results

PF 5 PF 3 PF 4 PF 6 PF 10 PF 18 PF 23 PF 24 PF 26 PF 35 PF 39 PF 40 PF 44 PF 48 PF 49 PF 51 PF 54 PF 59 PF 62 PF 67 PF 68 PF 69 PF 70 PF 71 PF 72 PF 74 PF 75 PF 76 PF 80 PF 82 Coaching

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