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Motivation- Do you really want to hear about it?

I have spoken a few times this week to parents about swimmer motivation. And specifically how hard it is to stay ‘interested’ in turning up every day, doing the tough stuff to reach their goals.

The tough love answer is this…

If you need to get fully motivated to get yourself to training every day…

If you need to regularly work yourself up mentally just to show up…

And if you are constantly searching externally for ways to get fired up to do what is necessary to accomplish the stuff you want to achieve in your sport…

Than making the transition from being an amateur to being pro or elite will be impossible.

The reality is this:

If you only show up when you feel like it, if you only workout to the max of your abilities when you are motivated to do so, you are leaving a whole lot of potential behind.

It doesn’t matter what your goals are in the pool…

If you only work hard when you are feeling up to it than you will never be consistent enough to achieve the things you want from the sport.

Having the attitude of a pro requires focus. Consistency. Hard work. It’s not easy.

And it’s why so few people make the transition to the elite levels of the sport.

But perhaps most importantly, the fast swimmers don’t wait for inspiration.

After all…

  • Amateurs talk about the things they want to achieve. Pros go out and live the things they want to do.
  • Amateurs wait for inspiration and motivation to set in before taking action or committing to consistent and meaningful work. Pros don’t wait for anything; they act.
  • Amateurs allow their habits to rule them. Pros build and develop their habits in order to facilitate doing what is necessary to do awesome stuff.

Will you be the athlete that develops killer habits? That refuses to wait for conditions to be perfect, or to be perfectly inspired?

Coach Rich

stay positive

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