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Tips for the holidays

Dear GIS families,

This will be my last blog for this academic year and this time around it is all about travelling places and lots of airlines already stopped serving meals unless you are on a long distance flight. Additional to this, the food at airports and gas stations seem to be rather unhealthy options.

Here are some great ideas to make travel time a healthy eating time as well.

Traveler rule no. 1: Pack your own snacks

Lets be honest, the only way you can ensure that you and your children eat what’s good for you is when you bring your own snacks. An extra plus is that you have them handy when your little ones scream for food. Easy to pack are the following:

  • Packable fruits like apple, oranges, mandarins or dried fruits
  • Cut up vegetables
  • All sorts of nuts (unsalted to reduce dehydration)
  • Liquids and yoghurts (can be purchased on the other side of the security checkpoint)

Traveler rule no.2: Know the healthier airport options

If you know that you will have to eat at the airport, start to have a look around early and weigh your options instead of lining up at the first fast food restaurant.

Here are some helpful tips:

Coffee chains seem to be at every corner of most cities, and the airport is no exception. They often offer lower fat bakery options you can go for if that’s what you desire. For a warm breakfast you can choose a whole grain omelet wrap and plenty of coffee chains offer yoghurts and fruits if you are in need of a snack.

There are lots of drinks to choose from, rules here are, order it “tall/small” size and definitely “no whip”. If you can order “decaf” it will help you to stay hydrated during your travel and it won’t keep you up at night.


If you find yourself in the pizza line, go for a slice with veggie toppings, and pair it with fresh fruit or raw vegetables, no chips or cookie. The pizza will be rich enough and you will want to balance it with something fresh, high-fiber and low in fat.


When selecting a premade sandwich, look for whole-grain bread, choose lean meat like roasted skinless chicken breast or vegetarian fillings, and dress it with condiments like mustard. For salads use just 1 tablespoon of the regular type dressing, I find that nowadays salads swim in oil. Look for lots of different vegetables when selecting your salad.

Mexican Food

In case you find a Mexican food restaurant stay away from the fried choices. They serve fantastic entrees like bean or grilled chicken burritos and soft tacos (chicken or fish). Beans are generally good and they will fill you up. Don’t choose sour cream and processed cheese sauce but go for fresh salsa instead.

Breakfast and Bagel Shop

It’s easy to buy a bagel to bring on the plane with you for breakfast or lunch. Again, go for the whole-grain option. Try turkey breast with veggies and a little avocado.

When having breakfast at the airport, stay away from potatoes and sausage and choose an egg entrée that is topped or filled with vegetables and not greasy meat. If it comes with cheese, ask them to use half the usual amount. If you get pancakes or waffles, don’t drench them with butter or syrup, most restaurant pancakes/waffles are already pretty rich. Top them with fresh fruit instead!

Traveler rule no. 3: Know what to avoid

Stay away from fried foods as they contain way to much fat. Fatty foods stay in the stomach longer and they can trigger heart burn.

Drink wisely, too much coffee can dehydrate you, the sugar in soda will keep your little ones up and running all trip long.

Foods that contain meat, cheese or/and milk should be eaten within 2 hours without refrigeration. The last thing you want is food poisoning!!

Traveler Rule no. 4: Soothe Your Stomach

If you have somebody in your family that tends to get stomach upset while flying, avoid beverages that are known to irritate the stomach like coffee, alcohol, and orange juice. Ask for drinks that seem to soothe the gastrointestinal tract, like tea or simply stick with water.

Ginger is a very good stomach soother, if you can find a fresh juice bar at the airport then go for a juice with ginger in it.

A greek yoghurt might not be a bad idea either unless lactose is an issue.

I trust that this will help you through this busy travelling time!

Thank you all for the very kind comments on the school yard throughout this year, I really appreciate them.

Have a great holiday, safe travel and happy healthy eating!


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