GIS KL Dragons Sports Teams

GIS Dragons Swimming ‘Records Meet’ 2015

Results are in and our list of school record holders is now complete.
From Year 3: Emily Quinn, Kendra Hutson, Lily Fairweather, Kaela Desouza, Maxi Werner, Evan Adams.
From Year 4: Anna Lau, Kellyn Choong, Rio Fujita, Matthew Tang, Kai Sato, Ray Kang.
From Year 5: Li Wei Law, Danelle Ong, Yasmin Desouza, Lianne Marti, Oliver Cheng, Yamato Obinata, Aris Razlan, Kael Shawn.
From Year 6: Arika Okubo, Megan Jones, Lauren Jenkins, Kosei Higashi, Matteo Cigala, Bernardo Scardigli (plus one School Record), Shotaro Nakagami.
From Year 7: Mia O’Leary (5 school records), Elliya Shawn (2 school records), Brandon Chin.
From Year 8: Bryan Soo (1 school record), Josh Yong (1 school record), Raphael Menard.
From Year 9: Samantha Lim (3 school records), Jordan Chin (1 school record), Ryan Ting (4 school records).
From Year 10: Adam Lau (1 school record).
From Year 11: Xavier Menard (1 school record).

A couple of very pleasing factors: swimmers showed their racing skills with some excellent starts and finishes on show.
There were a number of age groups where lots of swimmers shared different records showing depth in those groups.
Swimmers challenged themselves in unusual events and distances and produced some excellent times to finish the year.
Secondary Swimmers showed their ability, giving the Primary swimmers the chance to see what they are trying to achieve.

Well done to all those who took part, whether you were a record breaker, medallist or PB’er, you all did a fantastic job and I am very excited for next season!



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