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The Importance of Breakfast

Dear GIS Families,

I hope you had a fantastic break and are now refreshed and ready for the new academic year.

In todays blog I would like to talk about the importance of breakfast for you and your children.

After a good night’s sleep, breakfast is the most important meal of the day as it fuels our body for the day ahead. Unfortunately far too many children (and adults) skip this very important meal.

This means, that at school our kids get hungry, which causes them to lose concentration and therefore cannot follow class correctly. They will lack energy and be tired at playtime and most probably start snacking on unhealthy choices.

A healthy and relaxed breakfast everyday can prevent all of this and also helps our kids to create a good habit.

Now, I know personally that having to get breakfast and kids ready in the morning can be a challenge. Plus not everybody is a morning person! But you can always prepare food the evening before so you have less hassle in the morning.

My kids enjoy having breakfast with me as they are able to tell me all about their dreams and what they are looking forward to that day. Therefore maybe give yourself enough time to join them for breakfast as this sets up a great start to the day.

There are plenty of breakfast options that you can discuss with your child and agree on. Find out what they like best so you can get them to eat their breakfast. Great options for breakfast include: unsweetened cereals, wholegrain bread, fruit, dairy (milk, yoghurt, cheese) eggs and meat.

Personally I like my kids to eat protein in the morning. I will deal with the importance of protein in one my next blogs.

Here are some quick and easy ideas for you and your family’s own healthy breakfast:

  • Unsweetened cereal/oats with milk or yoghurt topped up with your favourite fruit. (if possible opt for unsweetened natural yoghurt/greek yoghurt)
  • Wholegrain bread with unsweetened natural peanut butter (maybe a sliced banana on top?), cheese or meat. (try not to opt for marmalade or chocolate spreads)
  • Wholegrain bread with Avocado, hummus or tuna
  • Fresh fruit with yoghurt (the fruits can be cut the night before and stored in the fridge)
  • Fruit smoothies

For those of you who are up early and have a little more time in the morning, then here are some other options for you:

  • Omelettes with lean meat and tomatoes or peppers
  • Boiled eggs with bread fingers (just cut the bread into dipping sized pieces)
  • Toast with scrambled or fried eggs (you can also include some baked beans and steamed mushrooms/tomatoes, depending on what your child likes)
  • Wholegrain muffins, these you can prepare the night before and I am not talking about sweet options but with ham or tuna and vegetables inside
  • Any rice or noodle dish should be wholegrain as well because these options keep our blood sugar levels stable

When it comes to our child’s fluid intake always opt for water as it’s the best option. If they like milk than a cup of that in the morning is ok too. Just try not to give any sweetened/flavoured milk. Fruit juices are not a good option as their vitamin content is way less then you might think and they contain far more sugar then you are lead to believe. Unless it is freshly juiced with pulp inside, try to limit juices to a cup a day.

Discourage your kids from sitting in front of the TV and sit down with them at the table. This will create a healthy habit plus it will most likely speed up your morning routine and decrease the hassle of getting them out of the house and into school.

Before the holidays, lots of you asked me for some healthy lunch options. I will tackle this topic for you in next week’s newsletter.

Happy healthy eating,


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