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Healthy Lunches!

Dear GIS Families,

I hope you had a fantastic week!.

As promised, I would like to give you some simple and healthy ideas for lunch.

Firstly please have a look at the list below. I outlined what should be included in our kid’s lunches and what we should avoid.

Include Avoid
Water Fizzy, sugary drinks
Wholegrain produce, such as brown rice, brown couscous, quinoa, brown pasta or brown bread White, refined produce such as white rice, white pasta or white bread
Source of protein like fish, meat, eggs, poultry, cheese, yoghurt, beans Processed proteins such as sandwich meats
Fruit and vegetables Snacks with added salt, sugar or fat such as chips, chocolate, confectionary

Choosing wholegrain keeps our blood sugar levels more stable which keeps us full longer. This means that our kids can focus for a longer period of time and get all the fibre, vitamins and minerals the wholegrain provides.

I did search the Internet for some pictures to give you an idea. This wasn’t an easy task but I am comfortable recommending these three below.

Spring rolls like in the first picture are filled with lots of different vegetables, which is great. Half your plate should always be filled with vegetables of all colours. These vegetables are raw and therefore they will not have lost any vitamins in a cooking process. They added an egg, some cheese and nuts (nuts obviously not applicable to GIS) to optimise the protein and some fruits as a healthy treat.

Lunch Box

Second option is a whole grain pasta salad which can easily be prepared the night before. Add lots of vegetable and meat your child likes. As a side you can add some fruits.

Third option shown is a whole grain sandwich. Please try to stay away from processed meets and rather go for left over meat from the night before. This means, if you had roast chicken the night before just keep some of the meat back and add it onto your child’s sandwich (this could be pork or beef left overs as well).

Besides this any wholegrain rice dishes are a fantastic lunch, you can add tuna or minced pork, chicken, beef to your child’s liking and don’t forget those vegetables. 🙂

All ancient grains like barley, quinoa, amaranth etc are worth a try as well. Just use them as you would with rice.

I attached some great recipes for you to try, all coming from this website:

Spring rolls (NOT fried version):

You do not need to use prawns but any protein your child likes.

Whole grain pasta salad:

Instead of marinating the chicken as recommended in the second recipe just dust it with whatever spices your child likes. This will safe you a lot of time.

Whole grain sandwiches:

This is really up to your child’s tastebuds. Here are some all time favourites:

Tomato, Mozzarella, Basil

Tuna, pickles, yoghurt all mixed up as a spread (can use little bit of mayonnaise instead of yoghurt)

Hummus, cucumber, left over meats

Avocado, tomatoes, hard boiled egg, spinach

Meat, cucumber, tomato, lettuce, cheese

I hope you find something that meets your child’s tastebuds as well as your schedule.

Have a great weekend!

Happy healthy eating,


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