GIS KL Dragons Sports Teams

KTJ Invitational Badminton Tournament

This year our dragons badminton team started the season with the U17 KTJ invitational tournament. Although we had lost some of our top players from last season and our players had all just arrived the day before from camp/IA week, we still had high hopes for this year’s tournaments. Up first we had the mixed team event, however a late start to the season along with the lack of time and insufficient training resulted in us placing 4th out of 7 teams in the team event.

Despite the close loss, we kept our heads up and looked on towards the individual events where all our players played either singles, doubles or mixed doubles. Hana and Keith made it to the quarterfinals, closely losing to the home school while Panatda and Yan Yu made it to the semi finals and clinched the mixed doubles bronze medal.

Our two girls doubles also performed extremely well, where Palak and Panatda fought their way to the quarterfinals but lost to our other pair, Amanda and Isabelle. Amanda and Isabelle sailed through to the finals with high spirits and determination and thus won the silver medal. Furthermore, girls singles Suprita closely lost to Cempaka in the semifinals but powered through to win 3rd in her category.

We also sent four boys (Yan Yu, Keith, Victor and Zi nian) through to the individual round. Our boys team played their best, but luck was not on their side today. Despite this, the boys gained an invaluable learning experience which they should take back with them and continue to learn and grow from it.

It was a brilliant start to the season and having been able to place in several categories at our very first tournament of the season is an excellent success. All players and coaches who willingly gave up their entire Saturday to represent GIS should be commended for their efforts and positive attitude despite the early start and late end.

Palak Singh
Year 12

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