GIS KL Dragons Sports Teams

Fobisia Gymnastics

Just before the start of half term, GIS sent 14 Dragons gymnasts to Bangkok Patana School in Thailand to represent our school at FOBISIA Gymnastics 2015.

As always, competition was fierce from other teams and athletes. However, the Dragons dug deep and pulled off the best bridges, walk overs, handstands and demonstrations of strength and control ever seen from many individuals!

Personal best scores were achieved for a number of gymnasts, with three athletes competing in their first ever competition. Gymnastics at GIS has come a long way since our first competitive event almost two years ago and, as coaches, it was incredibly rewarding to see some of our ‘original’ gymnasts supporting and mentoring their newer team mates.

We would like to thank and congratulate all the gymnasts for demonstrating excellent examples of resilience and determination at FOBISIA. Some special mentions also need to go the following:

  • Alexander Bouw (3W) who placed 1st on vault;
  • Catherine Tan (7S) who placed 3rd on vault;
  • Hayley Yong (8M) who placed 1st on floor;
  • Maya Gan (8S) who placed 2nd on vault and floor, 1st on beam and Gold overall in her category;
  • The level 3 senior girls who placed 2nd overall as a team in their category!

The gymnasts who represented GIS Dragons at FOBISIA Gymnastics 2015 were:

Boys Level 2 – Junior:

Kotaro Nakamura, 3I

Eddie Berney, 3P

Finlay Kay, 3S

Alexander Bouw, 3W

Boys Level 3 – Junior:

Lorcan Cahill, 3G

Girls Level 2 – Junior:

Mia Layug, 2G

Girls Level 2 – Senior:

Alice Griffiths, 4K

Malak Nooh, 6I

Girls Level 3 – Senior:

Elizabeth Newham, 7P

Catherine Tan, 7S

Hayley Yong, 8M

Maya Gan, 8S

Rui Wen Lim, 8P

Dominique Bonne, 9W

Well done, everyone!
The Dragons Gymnastics Coaching Team

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