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Fobisia Tennis

From making new friends to cheering each other on, the 2015 FOBISIA Tennis trip was definitely one to remember.

The team made up of Ashleigh Poh 10M, Gabby Tan 10L, Shara Tihani 10W and Aya Matsunaga 6P (3 U15s and 1 U11) flew to Brunei on Thursday 22nd October to play the singles tennis competition hosted by Jerudong International School.

Throughout the four day invitational, some great tennis was played! The tournament got off to a great start with Ashleigh & Aya winning all their matches and and me & Shara both winning two of ours.

The second day was a big one for both our finalists, Aya and Ashleigh. The finals were to be played on centre court along with an umpire and ballkids. Aya was up against Gem from BPS first and ended up being crowned U11 Girls Champion after winning an exciting lob-filled match. Ashleigh was up next against Jemma from BISJ, she battled hard and brought home the silver medal after a great set filled with powerful shots. With me winning 3 matches and Shara winning 2 matches; this year’s FOBISIA tennis trip proved to be a successful one for us Dragons.

All in all, this competition was an amazing one. Being the captain for this competition has been an honour and I can’t wait to see what is yet to come this season. Thank you Ash for always being so supportive and helping the rest of us with all your experience. Thank you Shara for always being there and always staying positive no matter what was happening. Thank you Aya for always being such a good sport and for always making us laugh. Finally, a huge thanks to Coach Anson, Mr Ruscoe & Ms Diana for being there to support us and for making this trip possible.

Gabby Tan – Year 10

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