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Fobisia Tennis 2015 – Boys

FOBISIA Tennis this year was great! The boys team consisted of 9 boys: Ariq Ayub 7P, Nitin Dsouza 7G, Jishen Yuen 8M, Enrique Alvarez 9M, Jordan Clifford 10K, Ryan Chan 10K, Shunsuke Fujita 10K, Yohgerndrra Jothy 10K and Martin Gan from 10M.

Day one

On the first day, we started with an intense and tight match with Enrique playing at his best level but unfortunately losing the match. Shunsuke then played his match. Shun played and fought as hard as he could but unfortunately he did not win. Yohgern was next. Incredible tennis was played by both Yohgern and his opponent, he was calm and consistent which lead him to a victory. Nitin then came on court. Nitin was losing a game down and could have lost the second game but he caught up and played incredibly well and hit powerful shots and he won. After a mind blowing match with Nitin, Jishern then came to play his first match. Jishern had really consistent serves and shots and he played at the best he could but he lost. Then I came on court. I fought as hard as I could but I lost that match. After losing a match I did not feel bad because the whole team cheered me up and said I tried my best and I played my best. Ryan then came on court. Ryan was playing with the most powerful serves I have ever seen and the most consistent ground strokes too. Ryan played well and won his first match. After that, Jordan played his first match. Jordan had a really good first serve and had consistent groundstrokes. Jordan played at his best level but lost the game. After Jordan and Martin came on court. Martin put a lot of spin on the ball to keep the ball in and he was really consistent. He barely got any double faults. After a long match Martin played at his best level but unfortunately lost. After everyone experiencing their first match of Fobisia 2015 it was now time to play our next matches. Enrique then came to play his second match. Enrique thought about all the mistakes he did in his first match and he improved them in his second match. Enrique really thought about what he was going to do. Enrique kept the ball in the court and did not think about anything else. He played at his best and he won. After Enrique won shun then came on court. Shun then came on court. Shun also lost his first match before. He did the same as Enrique and kept the ball on court and he had a good serve. Shun tried and played the best he could and he won! After this was Yohgerns next match. Yohgern played really well his last match. Yohgern played hard and tried his best but he sadly lost. It was then time for Nitin to play his match. Nitin played really well and his shots were powerful. He tried his best but he sadly lost. After that Jishern came to play his match. Jishern had good serves like his previous match and he also had good shots. Jishern just thought about keeping the ball in the court. Jishern played his best but unfortunately lost. Then I came to play. After thinking about how I lost the last match I tried improving my weaknesses from the last match in this match. All I thought about was keeping the ball in and I won. After I won Ryan came to play. Ryan played really well in his first match and he did the exact same thing in this match and he won.

Day 2

After a fun day of playing yesterday we then continued to play the next day. On the second day Enrique played really hard and he won all 3 of his matches. Shun sadly lost his match. Yohgern played incredibly well and he won all 3 of his matches. Nitin started off great with winning his first match but unfortunately lost his next match. Jishern tried his best but he sadly lost both his matches. After Jishern I played. I played hard but lost my match. Then Ryan played. Ryan played really well. Jordan played extremely well and won his match. Lastly, Martin played. Martin started with losing 1 one his matches at first but then won his next 3 matches.

After two days of winning and losing as a team, I can safely say this was the best trip I’ve ever been on. It makes me sad that most of the 2015 team will be too old for FOBISIA 2016. Thanks to all my teammates that have supported me in all my matches. Thanks Ryan for being such a supportive and helpful captain. And Finally a very big thank you to Mr Ruscoe for organising this trip and Anson for coaching us to be better players and also Ms Diana for coming to support us and organise this trip. Lastly thanks to Enrique’s mum for taking all the photos.

Ariq Ayub – Year 7


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