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SEASAC Softball – Girls

At 5.30 in the morning my alarm went off as I groggily got out of bed; with my bags packed and feeling hyped for my last SEASAC ever. Everybody met at school at 5.45 ready to get onto the bus, to be whisked off to the airport.

After arriving in Jakarta, we hopped onto a bus to our hotel which was approximately 2 hours away from the airport, our first experience of the infamous Indonesian traffic. Hungry, stiff and tired from the flight, we went to a mall next to our hotel to grab a bite. As we were buying a meal, we all struggled to get ourselves accustomed to the new foreign currency – which had a bit too many zeros for my liking.

The next morning, we arrived at the massive British School Jakarta, I was positive that I would have gotten lost! I was a bit worried about our game as the ground was a bit wet due to the shower the night before. Our first game was against BSJ. Enthusiastically shouting “three up, three down” we took to the field and waited for the batter to step up to the base. The team concentrated very well during the first 3 innings however we got somewhat distracted during the last few. Nevertheless, we had a comfortable win of 9-6 to us, a huge achievement for the girls team as a whole!

Feeling thrilled at winning our first game, we went into our next game against CDNIS with a lot of vigour. After seeing CDNIS’ incredibly tall shortstop (taller than Mr Springall and Kim for your information), we felt slightly intimidated because of the height difference between us and them. We had two brilliant hits respectively from our captain Amira Pavlovic and Jasmine Koh. Unfortunately, despite the outstanding hits from two of players, the pitcher and the shortstop from the Canadian school made two amazing catches as well, leading us to lose 4-1. It was a very close game but we just had to “suck it up princesses” and accept our loss. After all, we can learn from our mistakes and apply our new found knowledge in our next game.

Our last game of the day was against UWC Dover B. We were very determined to make up for our loss in our previous game – winning one game on the first day was a feat and we wanted to keep this streak going. We went into this game not knowing what to expect as Dover’s A team came in 2nd at last year’s SEASAC. By the 5th inning, both teams were feeling peckish as the score was 1-2 to Dover. In the next inning, Kotoko Ida blasted the ball deep into the outfield bringing back 2 of our runners home! With lots of screaming and hugging the game ended on a high note. Feeling “chuffed to bits”, Mr Springall gathered us at the back of the field for a celebratory “dragons on 3” cheer.

The second day was an important day for us because we had a chance of placing in this competition. Our first game of the day was against Alice Smith. Despite the fact we automatically will win this game since they only had 5 girls who came, we came out on top with a win of 7-0; with an additional 5 guys playing on their team!

MKIS. The team that will really put us to the test on how far we have advanced over the past year of playing softball. It might have been nerves but we had a shaky start in the field, allowing them to obtain several runs. However after several innings, we had a comeback of 2 runs from Sonia Syed and Lara Gunapati. Jordyn Posthumus also decided to shout in the middle of the game, “LET’S ALL BE OSTRICHES!!!” as we continued to defend the scoreboard out in the field. But in the end, we were defeated 18-3 to MKIS with one more run by Naomi Loy. With the team feeling a bit down, our wonderful and encouraging coach gave us a pep talk on how we proved ourselves to be in a much better position than last year (where we lost by the mercy rule). Suddenly, we heard the rolling of thunder in the sky and I thought to myself: WHY? All the teams were guided off the field to wait undercover. After a very long game of banana split consisting of at least 6 people, the coaches and teachers decided to cancel the semi-finals so we would play for 3rd and 4th against BSJ the next day. Around 20 minutes after all the other teams left, it stopped thundering! It was just BSJ and us (we had to wait for badminton) left undercover so we decided to play a game of monkey in the middle! Ending the day on a happy note, we headed over to the mall in much better spirits and decided to take away 2 boxes of chicken to cheer ourselves up!

On the final day, we played the 3rd and 4th play off with BSJ. We demolished the scoreboard with a whopping 19-0 through the mercy rule. In my opinion, this game was one of the best games throughout the entire tournament. We had an amazing hit by Kotoko, just a bit short of home run and a double play by Adira Yahya and I; hence this lead us to secure our bronze medal! The whole team was absolutely thrilled with the idea of getting a medal at SEASAC!

All in all, this was one of the best SEASACs I have ever been to. We are truly grateful and thankful that we finished third. The girls softball team would like to thank our wonderful (delicate little flower) Mr Springall and (a very sunburnt) Kim for putting up with our antics and guiding us through this competition. I personally would like to thank the entire team as well for making this trip such an enjoyable and pleasant experience for me, especially Qadira, thank you for stepping up to this challenge even though we asked you pretty last minute! I wish everybody good luck for next year’s SEASAC 🙂

Fiona Lim

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