GIS KL Dragons Sports Teams

Dragons Golf 9 September 2016

After a wet start to the day on Friday 9th September, the clouds parted and we were treated to some great weather for our afternoon of Golf at KGPA Golf Course. This was the first of our Senior Squad training sessions and we had 3 fourball flights, playing 2 on 2 matchplay.

The first pairing to tee off on the Forest 9 was Jordan and Haymandhra. They both connected well with the driver and were placed nicely either side of the fairway. They were closely followed by their opponents, Kit Yi and Arianna. Kit Yi placed her tee shot superbly and Arianna recovered well to record an early par and take the hole. This was to be a common theme throughout the day, as the girls were always ahead, even when the boys produced their best golf. The girls finished 6 up on the day and the boys finished with push ups.

Our second match of the day saw Shanker and Christian up against Min Li and Nick. Shanker started superbly with a great drive over the corner of the dog leg left 1st hole but Min Li was closely behind with another straight tee shot. Shanker took advantage of his long drive and took the first hole, and they never relinquished the lead from there. Although Nick and Min Li had good spells, they were never able to put enough pressure on the 2 boys, with Shanker excelling for a second week in a row and they took the match 4 up.

The last match paired our younger dragons together, with another boys vs girls showdown. Ryan and Lance teed off first and looked better placed than Sabrina and Michelle. However, the girls took the first hole and pulled away from here to finish 3 up after the first 9. The boys picked it up during the second 9 and found a good rhythm, playing some great pressure shots during the final 3 holes to bring the game back to level on the final hole of the day!

It was a great afternoon of golf and the Dragons squad got some much needed match practice. We will be continuing this theme throughout our practice rounds, ensuring our golfers are both physically and mentally prepared for the season ahead.

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