GIS KL Dragons Sports Teams

Dragons Golf – 14 October

Six weeks to SEASAC Golf 2016 in Bangkok!

The entire team crowded into the GIS school van and made their way over to TPCKL for the weekly practice round. Soon as the first three flights teed off from Hole #10, the black clouds blew in and within minutes, we had rain coming down the fairway. No thunder or lightning so no blares of the siren halting play!

Interestingly, now that KLGCC has been rebranded as TPCKL, all the fairway yardage markers have been removed and similarly too for all the coloured golf pin flags. In its place now, there are only white coloured golf pin flags! So, a rangefinder device can be a very handy accessory to have on you! Spotted on all the players’ buggies, clipped to the steering wheels were pin sheets showing the location of the hole on each of the putting greens.

Christian was in the fourth flight with Nick, Shanker and Kit Yi. As the rain came at an angle down the fairway, Christian found that his approach shot had landed left of the green and amazingly he chipped in for a birdie! What a great start! The team of players in this flight seem to be in exuberant mood as there were constant roars of laughter coming off the greens. Christian obviously seem to be enjoying this rain…shine…rain…shine weather as again on Hole #4, he found his ball on the green in regulation and capitalised on it by putting it in for another birdie!!

Kit Yi was all smiles too as she chipped in for a par on Hole #4. Our coolest player, Shanker, was the only one who aggressively made it across the water hazard on Hole #18, while his flight buddies were all seen approaching the Drop Zone.

This week, all the girls played off the white tees. Arianna was spotted with two fingers on her left hand bandaged firmly, battle scars from the overnight gruelling netball tournament. Gripping the clubs wasn’t that easy now but she still played a full round, concentrating on her chipping and putting.

Serena, Sabrina and Michelle were in the first flight. Michelle is still getting used to her new set of clubs. Took a few holes for her to warm up and as the round progressed, she was swinging more freely.

Serena had a nice tee shot on Hole #9 and the second shot landed in a cosy spot just before the buggy path; with a perfect line to the pin. Her caddy immediately did the golf wind checker test by plucking some grass and flinging it into the air. Yes, we had rain and shine and now the wind factor had blown her ball’s flight path into the hollows on the right.

Meanwhile, our youngest team player, Ryan, was taking everything in his stride. Each time, we caught up with him, he had just parred some of the earlier holes. By the end of the round, his scorecard showed an impressive number of six pars – great job, Ryan! Crossing over, we were even treated to some deft display of golf stunts. He certainly displays all the right temperament for the game.

TPCKL East and West courses will now be closed for the next two weeks as it plays host to the two major events; the CIMB Classic and the Sime Darby LPGA. Our Dragons Golf team will likely be heading to Seri Selangor during TPCKL’s closure, in order to keep up with our weekly practice rounds.

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