Dragons Sports Awards

At the end of every academic year each Dragons coach chooses their ‘Most Valuable’ squad member (MVP) and their “Most Improved’ squad member (MIP). These awards are presented at the annual Sports Award Evening. Alongside these, two other awards are presented, these are:

The Rafael Leonar Award for Sporting Excellence and the Dragons Award for Outstanding Contribution to GIS Sports.

Past recipients of these awards are:

The Rafael Leonar Award:

2006 – Rafael Leonar

2007 – Lee Su Ann

2008 – Adam Lim

2009 – Dewan Ng

2010 – Carlos Villa

2011 – Harry Smith

2012 – Daniele Napoletano

2013 – Molly Smith

2014 – Andrew Wells

The Dragons Award

2010 – Chloe Ellis

2011 – U-Peng Tan

2012 – Robyn Fong

2013 – Anthony Katakis

2014 – Zach Preston

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