Selection Policy


Students are chosen by respective team coaches. Teams should be predominantly picked from Year 11-13 for contact sports i.e. rugby. For individual sports, students can be picked from the secondary student body.

U13 & U15 FOBISSEA Teams

Students have to be involved in 2 Dragons teams from the 4 sports involved at FOBISSEA to be considered. The 4 sports are: basketball / football / athletics / swimming. If the team is short for any reason then students with only one sport can then be considered.

Tennis / Badminton & Swimming

For tennis, badminton & swimming we accept that certain students also have outside coaching but to be considered for Dragon team selection they must attend Dragons training at least once a week. We also suggest that external coaches liaise with the coaches in charge of Dragons teams so training programmes can be tailored to meet individual needs.

 Year 6 students will be considered in the 2nd term for tennis but have to participate in NPPJ Junior Tennis Tournaments at Kelana Jaya on Sundays during term 1. Details of these tournaments can be found on the Selangor Tennis Association (STA) website.  Selangor Tennis



 Trials for Dragon’s teams are undertaken once a year. New students to the school have an automatic right to try-out.

NB. If a coach is concerned a student is not performing for any reason then the coach will discuss with the student and give a trial period of 3 weeks for that student to improve. If the student does not improve then they can be dropped from the Dragon’s squad.

Primary & Mini-FOBISSEA

The school takes 36 children to each event (six boys and six girls from year groups 4, 5 and 6). At these games children will take part in four sports; T ball, five-a-side football, athletics and swimming.

During Term 1, children are encouraged to get involved in as much extra curricular sport as possible. Participation at DRAGON’S swimming and CCA athletics during this first term could help children during the final selection for FOBISSEA.

At the end of the first term and start of Term 2, children will be able to trial for all four FOBISSEA sports as part of the DRAGONS sports teams. Soon after DRAGONS teams have been announced, a FOBISSEA training squad will be selected.

Children will be expected to show commitment to all four sports if they are selected as part of this squad. Towards the end of the second term, a final team for both FOBISSEA and Mini-FOBISSEA will be announced. Other training squad members will continue to train with the team and will act as reserves. A date will be set after which new students to the school will not be considered.

*The FOBISSEA training squad and final team are collectively chosen by the DRAGONS coaches.*

 Full commitment is expected. If a student misses 3 sessions in a half term block then the AD will contact the parents. If that student misses a further 2 sessions then the school will select another student for the trip.

More information on exact selection dates and travel arrangements specific to FOBISSEA will be given out during the course of the term.

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