U13 Fobisia 2015 – Basketball

Under13 FOBISIA Games 2015 Basketball Information

Under 13 FOBISIA Games Basketball

Venue: Garden International School

Basketball Meet Director: Mark Springall

Boys – Friday 13th March, 2015

Girls – Saturday 14th March, 2015

General Information

  • Schools will have an allocated area for their competitors in the grand hall which is a 1 minute walk to the basketball courts and football pitches
  • Garden International School will have a photographer for the event and all photos will be made available to teams after the Games have been concluded
  • All teams, parents, spectators, team members and team officials should follow the FOBISIA Code of Conduct at all times
  • There will be allocated viewing areas for parents and spectators. For Basketball Court 1, there will be seating for parents in the Sports Hall against the side wall. For Basketball Court 2, there will be allocated seating overlooking the court on the balcony
  • Official FIBA Rules can be accessed via this link

Tournament Format

  • The basketball competition will take a round robin format
  • To determine the overall positions, points will be allocated as follows:

Win = 4 points

Draw = 2 points

Defeat = 1 point

League Table Tie Breakers

  • Head to head result
  • Goal difference against tied teams
  • Goals scored against tied teams
  • Goal difference against all teams
  • Goals scored against all teams

In the event that teams are still tied in positions which affect the top three positions, teams will play an additional 5 minute game one way, beginning with a jump ball. If at the end of 5 minutes, scores are level, a further period should be played with the ‘next basket’ wins.


All FIBA rules apply and to clarify:

  • Each game starts with a jump ball, with subsequent ‘jump balls’ and restarts becoming alternate possession on sideline at half court
  • 8 seconds to bring the ball over half way and a 24 second shot clock to be employed
  • ‘Back court violation’ to be enforced
  • 3 seconds in the key to be enforced
  • 4 team fouls per quarter leading to bonus shots (shoot on the fifth team foul)
  • 5 personal fouls leads to player ejection
  • Substitutions to be made on any stoppage except basket scored

The following FOBISIA variations will be applied to the game:

  • Games will consist of 4 x 6 minute quarters.
  • There will be a running clock except for shooting fouls, during the last minute of each half a stop clock will be used, with the clock stopping on every whistle.
  • There will be a  maximum of 1 x 45 sec time out per half. The clock will be stopped during these time outs.
  • A ‘30 point mercy rule’ to be applied, whereby the game continues but the score is recorded at that point for league records. Such a mercy rule should, ethically, have been preceded by the winning school’s coach already having, for example, ceased to play a pressing game and also to have substituted the better players (starters). No team therefore may win by a margin greater than 30 points.
  • A size 6 ball to be used for all competitions.

Tables will be run:

  • Visible Score Board
  • Game Clock
  • Shot Clock
  • Subs
  • Time Outs
  • Fouls
  • Squads of 15 players
  • 2 coaches per team is commended
  • Teams to have 2 kits number 4 upwards


  • The top three teams in the league will each receive a trophy with team members receiving a medal each


Under 13 FOBISIA Games 2015 – BOYS Basketball Tournament Draw
Friday 13th March, 2015
Time Court 1 (Sports Hall) Court 2 (Undercover Court)
08:00 1 BPS v DCS 2 KLASS v TTS
08:50 3 BPS v KLASS 4 GIS v SHB
09:40 5 SHB v TTS 6 GIS v DCS
10:30 7 SHB v KLASS
11:20 8 BPS v GIS 9 TTS v DCS
12:50 10 TTS v GIS 11 BPS v SHB
13:40 12 DCS v KLASS 13 BPS v TTS
14:30 14 DCS v SHB 15 GIS v KLASS


Under 13 FOBISIA Games 2015 – GIRLS Basketball Tournament Draw
Saturday 14th March, 2015
Time Court 1 (Sports Hall) Court 2 (Undercover Court)
08:00 1 GIS v KLASS 2 DCS v SHB
08:50 3 BPS v TTS 4 DCS v KLASS
09:40 5 BPS v SHB 6 TTS v GIS
10:30 7 TTS v DCS 8 BPS v GIS
11:20 9 SHB v KLASS
12:50 10 GIS v DCS 11 SHB v TTS
13:40 12 GIS v SHB 13 BPS v KLASS
14:30 14 KLASS v TTS 15 BPS v DCS

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