U13 Fobisia 2015 – Swimming

Under 13 FOBISIA Games 2015 Swimming Information

Under 13 FOBISIA Games Swimming

Venue: Shah Alam Aquatic Centre

Swim Meet Director: Richard Molloy

Thursday 12th March

Warm Up: 1:30pm

First Event: 2:00pm

General Information

  • Schools will have an allocated area for their competitors in the main stand. Parents and spectators will have their own viewing area. Parents are NOT allowed in the competitors area or pool side
  • A first aid area will be clearly located poolside. We will have emergency transport on stand-by should a serious incident occur
  • Please ensure competitors look after their belongings as Garden International School will not be responsible for any items left behind
  • Please remind all swimmers and spectators to use the rubbish bins provided around our venues
  • Water stations will be placed around the pool deck and the Marshalling Area. Please ask your students to bring a refillable water bottle
  • Garden International School will have a photographer for the event and all photos will be made available to teams after the Games have been concluded
  • All teams, parents, spectators, team members and team officials should follow the FOBISIA Code of Conduct at all times


Venue (Shah Alam Aquatic Centre)

  • Pool will be 50m long course
  • Schools will warm up in the following lanes:

Lane 2 BPS

Lane 3 DCS

Lane 4 GIS

Lane 5 KLASS

Lane 6 SHB

Lane 7 TTS

  • Warm ups must be supervised by coaches. To ensure safety and care of equipment, please ask your swimmers not to climb out over the touch pads
  • There is also a diving area next to the main pool which can be used for warm ups and cool downs. Again please ensure your swimmers are supervised


  • Medals for 1st – 3rd for all events. Presentations will take place immediately after each event
  • Overall placing trophies for 1st – 3rd will be presented at the end of the meet


Position A-Final B-Final Relays
1st 12 6 24
2nd 11 5 22
3rd 10 4 20
4th 9 3 18
5th 8 2 16
6th 7 1 14


  • All withdrawals must be made at the coaches meeting. If an injury or illness occurs after the coaches meeting and a swimmer is no longer able to participate in their event(s), please ask your team coach to notify the Marshall directly, preferably 5 – 6 events in advance
  • Withdrawals should be submitted on the correct form which will be available at the control desk
  • If an athlete turns up to an event that he/she is not down to compete in, he/she will be automatically disqualified from that event


  • All protests must be made in writing within 30 minutes of the posting of results for the event
  • Protests must be entered using the correct form which will be made available at the control deck
  • Protests will only be accepted from team coaches (not parents or individual athletes)


FINA rules will apply with the following exceptions:

  • The one start rule, will be a two start rule (1st false start charged to the field, 2nd swimmer is disqualified but the race is not stopped)
  • Swimmers may start in the pool
  • Electronic timing will be used. We will also use back-up stopwatch timing


  • Each swimmer may compete in a maximum of 5 events, including relays
  • Entries MUST be submitted using Hy-Tek Team Manager software. If your school does not have a copy, you can download Team Manager Lite here
  • No NT entries will be accepted including relays to ensure fairness in seeding
  • Athletes may enter a maximum of five events (including relays)
  • Psyche sheets will be issued 1 week prior to the event. Any final changes can be made up midday on Tuesday 10th March and must be emailed to deeth.i@gardenschool.edu.my and molloy.r@gardenschool.edu.my
  • Meet programmes will be made available for swimmers, coaches and spectators


  • Marshalling will take place in the designated marshall area on poolside

Event List

Under 13 FOBISIA Games 2015 – Swimming Schedule
Thursday 12th March – Afternoon
Warm up to start 1:30pm. First event to start at 2pm
Event No. Distance Event Team Gender
1 200m Individual Medley A Girls
2 200m Individual Medley A Boys
3 50m Backstroke A Girls
4 50m Backstroke B Girls
5 50m Backstroke A Boys
6 50m Backstroke B Boys
7 100m Breaststroke A Girls
8 100m Breaststroke B Girls
9 100m Breaststroke A Boys
10 100m Breaststroke B Boys
11 50m Butterfly A Girls
12 50m Butterfly B Girls
13 50m Butterfly A Boys
14 50m Butterfly B Boys
15 100m Freestyle A Girls
16 100m Freestyle B Girls
17 100m Freestyle A Boys
18 100m Freestyle B Boys
19 200m Medley Relay A Girls
20 200m Medley Relay A Boys
21 100m Backstroke A Girls
22 100m Backstroke B Girls
23 100m Backstroke A Boys
24 100m Backstroke B Boys
25 50m Breaststroke A Girls
26 50m Breaststroke B Girls
27 50m Breaststroke A Boys
28 50m Breaststroke B Boys
29 100m Butterfly A Girls
30 100m Butterfly A Boys
31 50m Freestyle A Girls
32 50m Freestyle B Girls
33 50m Freestyle A Boys
34 50m Freestyle B Boys
35 200m Freestyle Relay A Girls
36 200m Freestyle Relay A Boys

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